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Aqua Gustus is a Swedish innovation within sustainable and healthy beverages. We are now looking for new distributors and resellers around the globe. Please contact us for more information at hello @ aquagustus.com 

About Aqua Gustus

It all starts with water - aqua. Clean tap water, a luxury to some a given to others. To that we add flavour - gustus. Aqua Gustus flavourings consist of pure essences or herbs with natural aromas from fruits, berries, flowers and herbs. Enriched with vitamins and minerals that are essential to the body, without artificial additives, sweeteners or sugar. So you can drink as good, natural and healthy as possible. It should be easy to drink water in a better way!

Aqua Gustus - Natural flavouring for water

With Aqua Gustus natural flavourings you can easily flavour your still or carbonated water. Our pure and healthy essence comes from fruits, berries, flowers, herbs and are enriched with vitamins and minerals. All without artificial additives, sugar or sweeteners.

One bottle is 50 ml and last for up to 13-20 liters of water, or a minimum of 100 glasses. 3-4 glasses of water a day with Natural Flavouring for water gives you the daily recommended intake of the vitamins & minerals mentioned on the bottle. You spray easily the flavouring in the glass or carafe without risk of  spillage, smudges or overdose.

The airtight bottle with spray function allows the bottles to stand in room temperature and they last for at least 12 months from filling. When the bottles is finished you can recycle it the same way as other transparent glass bottles. The bottles are sold one by  one or in a gift pack with all 5 flavours.

The collection

-Dragonfruit, lime & mint - Vitamin D, B3, Zink

-Orange, lime & lemon balm - Vitamin C, D, Zink

-Strawberry, rhubarb & ginger,- Vitamin D, B5, B6

-Raspberry, mango & hibiscus - Vitamin D, B3, B6

-Apple, pomegranate & rose - Vitamin D, B3, B5

Just a spray away!

The Botanical Brew - A sustainable & natural tea experience

The Botanical Brew from Aqua Gustus is an exclusive collection of organic teas with beneficial  ingredients. Each raw material has been carefully selected for its unique benefits, based on science and tradition. With health and sustainability in focus, the teas are only flavoured with natural aromas and consist of exciting flavour combinations and unexpected ingredients.

The Collection

The collection consists of six beneficial teas. Developed based on our own herbal knowledge in collaboration with some of Europe’s leading tea experts. The beneficial blends are based on science and the thousands of years of traditions that comes with the medicinal plants. The herbals comes from certified farms around the world.

The herbal teas are visually  attractive with large leaves. Each package comes with a cotton bag to brew the herbs in, which can be used over and over again. The Botanical Brew is a wellness loose leaf tea with minimal impact on the environment. All herbal blends are completely organic and contain only natural flavor aromas. Most are also  decaffeinated.

-Purify – Cleansing & Detoxing

-Holy Night – Relaxing & Calming

-Connected to Earth – Warming & Balancing

-Beautiful Skin – Beauty & Wellness

-Quinoa Cocoa Bowl – Warming & Healing

-Awakening – Energizing & Boosting

If you take care of nature - Nature will take care of you

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